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As a supplier of products engineered for the environmental industry, Trinet Industries leads the way for incorporating greener-technology into existing waste management systems.  


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We export specially designed products for landfills and wastewater treatment that help to mitigate negative environmental impacts. 


Stormwater Treatment

The first rain of a season that is preceded by a dry period, also known as the "first flush," has a significantly higher concentration of contaminants, road oil, harmful metals, and debris than the rest of subsequent rainy season.

Because of this, the runoff water must be treated before entering the rivers and oceans.

As a supplier of the Stormwater Management StormFilter® system, produced in the USA, Trinet provides municipalities in Korea with an effective stormwater treatment method to ensure polluted stormwater doesn't enter the local waterways. 




Landfill Leak Detection 

Trinet supplies an innovative product that provides early detection of landfill liner leaks to minimize the risk of environmental disasters.

The Sensor™ Electronic Leak Detection System is a powerful instrument that uses sensor technology to detect leaks in geomembrane liners and can provide warnings to operators in real-time so that repairs can be addressed immediately. 

The system provides continuous, long-term monitoring of leaks to provide high level quality-assurance and risk management, while helping operators minimize liability and remain in compliance with environmental and regulatory bodies. 


Solar Sludge Drying

Harnessing the sun's energy is not only environmentally-friendly and sustainable, but also a cost-effective method of drying "sludge," a by-product of treated wastewater, before it's permanent disposal in a landfill or incinerator. 

Trinet has brought the THERMO-SYSTEM™ solar drying solution, developed in Germany, to Korea to increase energy efficiency and lower costs for wastewater treatment facilities currently using other less efficient methods. The system utilizes drying technology via a greenhouse effect from solar energy, in conjunction with an Electric Mole that continuously churns and mixes the sludge, thus eliminating the need for human intervention and potentially hazardous exposure to the pathogenic material. 

The system reduces costs and makes for a safer, more reliable, and cleaner method of treating the wastewater by-product.