At Trinet Industries, we believe that enterprise and versatility, coupled with a solid understanding of global trade, paves the way for a successful future in an ever-increasing interconnected and dynamic global economy.

Trinet operates as a multi-industry import and export firm, specializing in over-the-counter products. 

In 2016, Trinet Industries became the U.S. subsidiary of SINSIN PHARM, a household name in Korea and cornerstone of the Korean over-the counter pharmaceutical market. Under this transition, Trinet Industries was able to introduce many highly respected SINSIN products to U.S. markets, thus expanding the global reach of the nearly 60-year-old SINSIN brand. 

Founded in Southern California in 1987, Trinet Industries took its roots as an export marketing firm of multi-industrial goods and equipment. 

After a decade of growth in international trade, in 1996 Trinet expanded its business into the export of specially engineered products for environmental industries involved in the treatment of solid waste and wastewater, cementing its reputation as a leading supplier of environmentally conscious products. 

In 2018, Trinet increased its offerings to include private label services for the cosmetic and beauty industry. 

Today, Trinet Industries continues on a trajectory of robust growth as we continue to develop new brands and innovative products that seek to improve every day lives for decades to come. 


Trinet Industries